Csaba Sós: „I hope we will win more medals at this Worlds than last year’s Olympics!”

  • swimming

Prof. Dr. Csaba Sós, the head coach of the Hungarian Swimming Federation knows, after an Olympics the team usually changes. After Tokyo the older swimmers, like David Verrasztó, Péter Bernek, László Cseh will not compete at the 19th FINA World Championships so the youngsters has to make the show for the Hungarian crowd.

Csaba Sós thinks that the Olympic and world champion Katinka Hosszú has a real opportunity to win a medal in the 400 m IM. Another (maybe two) possible medal chance is from Kristóf Milák, who is the biggest potential winner in the 200 m butterfly, and he has an opportunity for another medal in the 100 m butterfly as well.

There will be more than 10 newcomers in the Hungarian team. This home Worlds will be the biggest competition in their lives to show the world that they are ready to compete with the best of the swimmers.