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“We hope, this summer will be our best and longest!”

Attila Bíró, the head coach of the Hungarian women’s water polo team, referred to the summer months of 2022, including a World Championship that the team under his leadership will be able to play again at home, in the Mecca of the water polo, in home pool, after 2017.

The team, which thanks to the conscious building of previous years, is well-known, has not changed a lot since the successful, sport-historic Tokyo Olympics, the first Hungarian women’s olympic water polo medal event. Anikó Gyöngyössy, Gabriella Szücs and Anna Illés have been replaced by youngsters who have already proven themselves in the national team, which means that for the first time the professional staff will probably have to scratch their heads for a long time before selecting the World Championships team.


Longest summer or not, there is no direct World Champs preparation match in the programme, so the head coach can announce a team based on his feelings and the joint training sessions against the Australians and the Americans in Veszprém and Szeged. Despite this, he says he is not worried and has confidence in his players, who will form a good team and, naturally, battle for the most noble of medals.

Hungarian women water polo team

Goal keepers: Gangl Edina (Glyfada, görög), Magyari Alda (UVSE), Kiss Alexandra (Eger), Neszmély Boglárka (FTC)

Field players: Dömsödi Dalma (FTC), Faragó Kamilla (UVSE), Farkas Tamara (BVSC), Garda Krisztina (Dunaújváros), Gurisatti Gréta (Dunaújváros), Horváth Brigitta (Dunaújváros), Keszthelyi-Nagy Rita (UVSE), Mahieu Geraldine (Dunaújváros), Máté Zsuzsanna (FTC), Leimeter Dóra (BVSC), Parkes Rebecca (Ethnikos, görög), Peresztegi-Nagy Kinga (UVSE), Pőcze Panna (FTC), Rybanska Natasa (UVSE), Szegedi Panni (UVSE), Szilágyi Dorottya (Dunaújváros), Vályi Vanda (FTC)