The Hungarian men’s water polo team was revealed

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A month before Hungary’s first match at the FINA World Champs, Tamás Märcz, the head coach of the Hungarian men’s national team, announced the team members. The head coach announced 27 water polo players, who have a possibility to play at the World Championships – not by chance, as the preparation will start on May 25, but ten Ferencváros players and Pro Recco legionnaire Gergő Zalánki will only join the national team on June 8, after the Champions League Final 8.


No official match is included in the program (yet), the weight of the training matches and all training sessions will increase:

“We have training sessions with the Canadian and Croatian national teams. In the current situation, our goal is to create as much match-like situations as possible during the two gates of preparation and to become a team as quickly as possible in the short time available.”

Hungarian water polo team (expanded team):

Goalkeepers: Csoma Kristóf (Kaposvár), Lévai Márton (OSC), Mizsei Márton (Vasas), Szakonyi Dániel (FTC), Vogel Soma (FTC)

Players: Angyal Dániel (Szolnok), Batizi Benedek (BVSC), Burián Gergely (OSC), Csacsovszky Erik (OSC), Erdélyi Balázs (Vasas), Fekete Gergő (FTC), Hárai Balázs (OSC), Jansik Szilárd (FTC), Konarik Ákos (Szolnok), Manhercz Krisztián (OSC), Mezei Tamás (Vasas), Molnár Erik (FTC), Nagy Ádám (Szolnok), Német Toni (FTC), Pohl Zoltán (FTC), Sánta Dániel (Szegedi VE), Vadovics Viktor (Vasas), Varga Dénes (FTC), Vámos Márton (FTC), Vigvári Vendel (FTC), Vigvári Vince (OSC), Zalánki Gergő (Pro Recco, olasz)