The logo: W like water, or waves, up to you

  • artistic swimming
  • diving
  • open water
  • swimming
  • water polo
 artistic swimming, diving, open water, swimming, water polo

With the river Danube running through the centre of Budapest and playing a central role in everyday city life, water inspired the logo design for the global showcase event for swimming, diving and water polo.

To create the event’s special look and feel, Budapest 2022 organisers turned to Graphasel Design Studio to capture the city’s cultural heritage and passion for sport. 


Representing the first letter of the word water, 
a ‘W’ is prevalent in our design.

Ordogh Laszlo
founder and lead designer 
of Graphasel Design Studio

Within the logo, we can observe a man swimming or, alternatively, a ball in the water. The design pays homage to the classic 20th-century logos constructed of pure geometrical shapes. With flat design experiencing a renaissance today, our logo is also in line with current trends.