The medals – let’s make history!

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  • swimming
  • water polo
 artistic swimming, diving, open water, swimming, water polo
“The logo which we shared during the 100-days-to-go celebrations is the core element of the medal” OC CEO David Szanto said.

“It symbolises the waves, the water and one may see a water polo ball too. The medals were manufactured in Germany by a specialised company, and I hope the athletes will love them.”

The motto of the event is ‘Make History’. 

“It perfectly sums up the efforts an athlete and we, organisers put into the preparations for the World Championships. Don’t forget that we are about to deliver this event in a record-breaking time of four months and if we succeed, we will make history – but that will credit all Hungarians across the country, not only the organisers as it is a joint effort by all of us.”