venue access

Duna Aréna


1135 Budapest, Népfürdő utca 36.


Metro line M3, from station „Forgách” street, (8-10 minutes walk to the main entrance)

Main line buses No. 15 or 115 (bus stop is at the main entrance)

Tramline 1 from Árpád bridge from „Népfürdő” stop (8-10 minutes walk to the main entrance)

About the venue:

Completed in a record-breaking two years’ time, Budapest’s new wonder, the Duna Arena served as the main venue of the 17th FINA World Championships. The complex features two Olympic-size pools – the competition pool is 3m deep, while the depth of the warm-up pool can be set according to the needs. During the 2017 FINA World Championships by using temporary but indoor stands it could accommodate more than 12,000 spectators as well as cater all demands of any large-scale event.

After the World Championships the Arena was reshaped to legacy mood for all the practical reasons, still, its stands can welcome almost 5,000 fans and in the past two years it was filled a couple of times while hosting major international meets in swimming, artistic swimming and water polo.

Hajos Alfred Complex, Margaret Island


1138 Budapest, Margitsziget


Bus No. 26, from the Hajos Alfréd Uszoda bus stop 1 minute walk to the main entrance

Trams No. 4 and 6, getting off at Margaret Bridge, 8-10 minute walk to the main entrance

About the venue

Named after its architect, Alfréd Hajós, the first Olympic champion of Hungary (winner of the 100 and 1200m freestyle events at the 1896 Athens Games), this outstanding pool complex witnessed a series of major international competitions in the past. Its main building was constructed within seven months back in 1930 – a speed copied by the builders of the brand new Dagály swimming venue – and upon the occasion of major international championships, outdoor pools were added in different periods.

Lupa Lake


2011 Budakalász Tó utca 1.


By public transport: You can take the No. 5 HÉV to Budakalász station, and from there it’s about a 20-minute walk, or you can take the electric Lupa minibus from the Budakalász HÉV stop.

By Lupa bus: From downtown straight to Lupa, the shuttle service from the Westend Railway Station is easy, convenient and extremly affordable.

For more information:

About the location

Lupa Beach is located in the northern agglomeration of Budapest, some 15min drive from the Duna Arena offering comfort for all open water swimmers as they can stay in the capital for the event.

Lupa Lake is a special artificial lake, the water is filling an old mine, coming from a spring catering half of the capital with drinking water. This ensures two extraordinary circumstances: the lake is very deep, even close to its shores it measures 3m of depth but mostly it’s 4-5m. And because of the source, the water is extremely clean – according to the certificate issued by the relevant authority, the water quality of Lupa Lake is of 99.2% of drinking water (the missing 0.8% is the chlorine, a compulsory addendum for tap water).